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What’s the Checklist for Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning Gold Coast.

Bond cleaning is different from regular or spring cleaning. End of lease cleaning requires more intensiveness and more effectiveness. Only the right amount of cleaning pays the full amount of the bond deposit. It’s not a daily run of mill task. 

If you are at your tenancy end period, definitely you come across the term end of lease cleaning. Perfect and flawless tidying up is the only key to unlock the bond deposit. That is why the checklist of bond cleaning is remarkable.

What is included in the checklist at the end of the lease cleaning?

Professionals clean the rented house according to the approved checklist. So there are very few chances of skipping any corner. Professionals do the cleaning in an organised way and finish the task in hours. But some tenants choose the bond cleaning by their own, so to help them out we are sharing some points of the checklist. 

In short, each tiniest part of the house should be tidy. Complete and intensive cleaning is crucial for getting back the bond money. 

  • Kitchen appliances should be cleaned outside and inside.
  • The kitchen stove burner and cooktop should be sparkly clean. 
  • Proper cleaning of the microwave is a must.
  • Clean the drainage pipe and sink properly because most of the tenants ignore the cleaning of that.
  • Clean all the wardrobes, cabinets, drawers and almirahs of the house without fail. 
  • Nothing should be left behind in the house
  • Bathroom cleaning is very crucial. Tiles, washbasin, toilet seat and faucets should be sparkle clean. All the glasses, doors and knobs and mirrors should be shiny and clean. A single thread or strand of hair should not be left. 
  • Removal of Cobwebs and dust from ceilings is very important. 
  • Clean walls and remove all dirt and dust. 
  • Carpets should be vacuum cleaned. 
  • Window sills and tracks should be properly cleaned.  Outside walls of the house must be cleaned properly. 
  • Grass and plants must be pruned. 
  • The Garden, Garage area and parking should be neat. 
  • All doors and knobs, switchboards and skirting boards must be neat.


Preparing the rented house for the last inspection is not an easy task for the tenant. It takes so much time and energy to complete the cleaning chores and also it’s very difficult to organize the bond cleaning without any experience. So hiring professionals for the end of lease cleaning is a smart choice. Bond Cleaning Gold Coast also offers you the best cleaning services in the city. They have a skillful and trained team at a reasonable price. Contact now  and enjoy the services of the best-experienced team.