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What To Clean First In Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning Adelaide

Bond cleaning is a legal contract made between the owner and renter of the property that states that the renter after the completion of the renting period the renter needs to clean the property before handing the property back to the owner.

Only by completing the bond cleaning the tenant or the renter will get the bond deposit which is submitted to the owner at the start of renting period and it is given only after completing the bond cleaning.

The Work

In bond cleaning you are required to clean the whole house, it involves cleaning the floors, ceiling, appliances, furniture, and so on. Bond cleaning is full of a lot of duties that need to be done, it is natural to have a lot of questions regarding bond cleaning as it is very different from normal day-to-day cleaning. It is natural to ask the question of how one should start doing bond cleaning. Here is the answer to the question on what to start with.

Proper Cleaning Items

You should always start bond cleaning with the walls of the property. It is the largest part of the property and takes a long time to clean it. You not only need to clean but you also have to fix all the holes in the walls which might have been created when trying to hang items. You can fix the holes on your own you can fill the hole by using plaster and a spatula. This process can also be done to seal the cracks.

The next step is to dust the wall before introducing any liquid to the wall.  Then you can cover the fixture with the help of the color of the wall. You can clean the walls using different methods. The methods vary greatly with the type of color used in the wall. For example, if your wall is colored with distemper paint then the wall can only be cleaned by cloth. If you have oil-painted walls then they can be clean with hot water and soap, you can get rid of all the stains on the walls. Walls are an important part of the property which is usually neglected by many people, which may lead to not getting the bond security deposit back, so it is essential to clean the walls of the property. The walls take the longest time to clean so it is the best thing to start with when you are doing bond cleaning.


Thus, in the above lines you got to know where to start bond cleaning and how to properly clean your walls. If you feel shortage of time and are burdened with work, bond cleaning Adelaide can take care of your cleaning work.