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What is the best type of carpet cleaning method?

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are used to enhance the beauty of floors in homes or offices. These carpets cover the floor as well as make the floor beautiful but over time the carpet becomes sloppy due to its use over and over again. Many types of dirt start accumulating in it and professional cleaning is required to clean this type of dirt.

A carpet which mainly enhances the beauty of the floor in homes or offices, their beauty starts to decrease due to frequent contact with people and many types of germs also accumulate in the carpet, which causes many types of diseases. There are many disease-causing germs along with dusty soil in a carpet and many types of carpets are cleaned to remove this type of dirt.

To make a carpet completely dust-free and germ-free, it requires more than a normal cleaning to clean it completely without causing any damage to the carpet. Here we are going to look at some of the carpet cleaning methods. Learn about the type of cleaning done by a professional.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is a simple and commonly used method to thoroughly clean a carpet, in which the carpet is washed through hot water, through which the dust particles trapped in the carpet are melted and finished. can be cleaned well

There are many types of fibers in carpets and dust particles from outside on the carpet are trapped between the fibers of the carpet and by simple cleaning it is not easy to remove these particles and when the water is heated it causes the carpet to If washed, the carpets can be cleaned with the help of brushing small particles of dusty soil.

Dry Extraction Cleaning

This is an advanced and popular technique of carpet cleaning. This technique is often used by carpet cleaning professionals. In this cleaning, the carpet is cleaned without wetting and this is the reason that this cleaning method takes less time and people prefer to clean their carpet in less time by this method.

In this method, an advanced type of spray is done on the carpet and through this spray the particles of small dirt in the carpet are penetrated into the carpet and after that the carpet starts to clean and then dust with the help of vacuum. Particles are pulled out and thus a carpet is thoroughly cleaned in a short time.


It is a dry cleaning method of carpet and the method used is also very popular for carpet cleaning and used by the professional cleaner. This method of carpet cleaning also does not require water, thus the carpet without water Cleansing saves the water.

In this method of carpet cleaning, encapsulation chemicals are applied to the carpet, after which the carpet is cleaned with the help of a brush. Here the rotary brush machine is used by the professional and the carpet is thoroughly rubbed so that the particles of dust trapped in the fibers can be cleaned.

Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet cleaning through shampoo is the usual cleaning done by professionals. Dirt can be cleaned easily with a carpet through shampoo and this method is used by professional cleaning service providers for better cleaning of carpet.

Professional carpet sweepers first apply shampoo to the carpet so that the inner surface of the carpet reaches the shampoo, after which the carpet is cleaned with the help of a soft brush and by this method dust trapped in the fibers of the carpet is removed from the soil. The particles are cleaned after which the carpet is cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.