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What does a full bond clean include?

bond cleans

Parameters for end of lease cleaning

Moving out from a rented house could be a tension for the tenant. From packing the household belongings and cleaning the house to settle in the new house, the tenant has to manage multiple tasks and high patience ability. A dirty house will not be entertained for 100% bond money. It means to get total money; you have to return the property in good shape. So it is always better to hire Bond clean co services in Sydney. One can do by own also, but it’s hectic for the tenant during the shifting.

Before hiring any bond cleaning company, it is advisable to know, What Bond cleaning includes? 

Bond cleaning is more than a usual cleaning; therefore, it takes lots of time, energy and patience. This is the reason we should hire Bond cleaning Sydney to get our money back. Professional knows how to clean carpet areas effectively. However, some parameters are included in bond cleaning. On the other hand, there is also some exclusion in bond cleaning.

Most companies include the following services in end of lease cleaning agreement.

Services Includes 

  1. Clearance of all cobweb
  2. Cleaning ceilings fans
  3. Window cleaning
  4. Cleaning the cupboards and drawers 
  5. Stain-free walls and switches 
  6. Vacuum clean of floors and carpets
  7. Removing the dirt from balcony sliding 
  8. Deep clean of kitchen walls  and home appliances 
  9. Sanitizing sink and clear the drainage holes
  10. Removing the grease particles
  11. Spruce the cupboard and drawers of the bathroom 
  12. Cleaning the exhaust fan
  13. Disinfecting tap, shower, and  toilet seat
  14. Sparkling cleaning of Mirror 
  15. Mopping the bathroom tiles
  16. Removing all the cleaning solution residue
  17. Floor cleaning 
  18. Cleaning lights
  19. Cleaning balcony and railings 
  20. Cleaning of garage and parking,  and garden area