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What Are The Things That Are Included In A Bond Clean?

Bond cleaning Gold Coast

Bond cleaning is an end-of-lease agreement made between the tenant and the owner of the property that after the end of the leasing period the tenant will have to clean the full property before handing it back to the owner. The process of bond cleaning is a legal contract so, it is required for the tenant to do the full bond cleaning. If the tenant fails to do so they will not get their bond security deposit back. The bond cleaning is, in other words, a legal contract signed by both the tenant and the owner, the property just be cleaned and fixed in case of damage, before handing the property once again back to the owner.

The bond cleaning is done to ensure that the property remains in good condition. Many things are included in a full bond cleaning that needs to be done by the tenant. Here is the list of things that are included in full bond cleaning.

  • The most important thing that is included in bond cleaning sydney is suggested by its name, the tenant is required to clean the whole property. One thing is to be noted here is that bond cleaning is very different from regular cleaning. In a full bond cleaning, the tenant will be required to clean all the things and parts of the property with great care. They will have to clean each part of the property even the places which are usually neglected.
  • They have to do a thorough cleaning of the ceiling, walls, floor, carpets, windows, storage area, vents, pantry, kitchen, toilets, bathroom. They are also required to clean every piece of furniture, clean every single appliance both inside and outside. They will ideally clean all the bathroom fittings like the showerheads, faucets. They will also have to sanitize the property to make it suitable for the next renter.
  • The third thing is to do any repairing if there is required to do so. For example, if the tenant has drilled the walls or chipped any furniture, they will have to fix those problems before returning the property to the owner of the property. The tenants are also required to repair or change the items which might have got damaged during their stay. 


These are the most crucial things that are included in a full bond cleaning of a rented property before handing it back to the owner. Well, there is one more way to perform proper bond cleaning. It is to take the help of expert bond cleaning Gold Coast professionals.