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Things You Must Know About Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning Sydney

Are you switching to a newly leased apartment? Then you must know about some important terms regarding Bond Cleaning. First remember bond cleaning, exit cleaning, move out cleaning and end of lease cleaning all are the same. But regular house cleaning or spring cleaning is different from these terms. 

End of lease cleaning or exit cleaning is an intense cleaning of leased units before exiting the property and shifting to a new house. This is the main clause in the rent agreement and is also essential as per law.

If tenants want to get back the full contract or bond deposit that they gave the landlord or property agent at the time of moving in, he has to perform the cleaning very intensively. 

The bond amount can be equal to one or two months rent according to the size of the house. 

But, by chance the tenant neglects or fails to impress the landlord with the cleaning, then the landlord can hold the bond deposit to compensate against damage or cleaning. That’s why it’s very crucial For tenants to conduct end of lease cleaning. 

As we stated, Bond cleaning is not a usual house cleaning. It needs enormous time and effort to clean the property perfectly. If you are thinking we will do the cleaning of our house and the landlord will be happy, it’s not going to happen.

Don’t dream, you have to clean the property to satisfy the landlord’s needs. And this is a truth of how much you have cleaned the house but no landlord will be pleased if he knows that the cleaning is done by the tenant itself. 

Literally, the apartment should be returned in the original conditions it was leased initially. No harm or damage should be.  Consequently to get back the bond amount in full, without any dispute, hiring professionals is a smart and only idea.

Bond Cleaning Sydney provides end of lease cleaning services as these professionals cleaning companies have a team of experts and experienced bond cleaners. They are trained for these cleaning services and also enter the house with fully equipped kits.

They know the proper checklist and also know the criteria of landlord’s analysis. They know very well how to get 100% bond money. 

These professional companies give assurance of 100% bonds back. So opt for reliable and reputed cleaning companies if you want hassle-free cleaning. Contact Bond Cleaning Sydney now, to convert your dull house into a beautiful shining home.