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Step By Step Process For Bond Cleaning.

Bond cleaning Brisbane

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is a final but detail sprucing of the rented house by renter. We can hire bond cleaners to  clean the house or other method is to do it by own.

Professional bond cleaners do it in a very flawless way and give assurance to claim almost full bond amount but as diy bond cleaning is done by tenant itself so there may be some flaws and imperfection. So we always recommend to hire bond cleaners. 

But for those tenants who are trying diy, we are sharing some points to get successful cleaning. 

Keep all the tools and cleaning solution like mop, newspapers, vinegar, baking soda, lemon dish cleaners, toothbrush, scrubber, broom , sponges, scrubbing brush, some old cotton clothes, wipers, multipurpose cleaning solution , vacuum cleaner etc.

Next step is to decide the date and time of the bond cleaning. Reserve the date which is two or one day before the last inspection day. 

The next step of the bond cleaning process is making a customize checklist in which you can add more considerable areas and least too like bathrooms and kitchen are two areas which are inspected by the landlord in detail. Make a separate list of more dirty areas and clean them accordingly. Put a tick mark which area is done . 

Next main process is starting the cleaning of the house. Remember every area should be the start from the top part like removing cobwebs and dusting of dust from ceilings and fans after that clean the walls of the room. 

After that target the fixtures, lamps and switchboards. Clean inside and outside of the windows blinds and doors of the house perfectly. Clean the carpets with a vacuum. Don’t use harsh chemicals and hot water on the carpets. 

The kitchen and bathrooms are two areas that can have millions of bacteria so these two must be cleaned perfectly. Make sure all kitchen appliances and grease and oil spills are removed and bathrooms are also must be in sparkle clean condition and also sanitised. 


Every nook and cranny of the house must be cleaned in a manner to please the landlord. The tenant can take help of the Bond Cleaning Brisbane to get the amazing bond cleaning. Their cleaners are experienced and skilled and they know how to get maximum results in minimum time and effort. If you are also searching for good cleaners consider Bond Cleaning Brisbane. Contact for more information.