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Requirements of Successful Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning Gold Coast

Bond cleaning means detailed cleaning of a rented house. So it requires intensive cleaning. Though it is not an easy task but can’t deny it. To get the full bond back, end of lease cleaning is necessary. It is possible when the landlord is happy with the rented property shape.

The success of bond cleaning is only possible when we do it faultlessly. So we are sharing some facts which should be considered during bond cleaning.

The most difficult area of the house is a kitchen in cooking as well as cleaning.  Starting the cleaning only after vacating the house is the most important point. Keep in mind that you have discarded all the waste and unused stuff from the kitchen. All cabinets and cupboards should be empty and clean.

To eliminate the oil spills and hard stains from the oven use vinegar and warm water. Clean all the appliances properly inside out. Clean the sink with baking soda and hot water and clear all the clogged pipes or change them if needed. 

Another difficult area of the house is the bathrooms. Cleaning the bathrooms is a very annoying and tough job. It takes lots of time to clean them properly. Three powers of Baking soda, vinegar and bleach do magical work on the grout and grease.

Another considered task is carpet cleaning. Do not use any bleach or chemical products on carpets otherwise, it can ruin the shine and colours of the carpets.

Use a vacuum and soft cleaners and scrub with a soft cloth and rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water on carpets. 

Living area dining and bedrooms are not tough in cleaning. Remove all the cobwebs and ceiling dust with a long neck brush. Simply, empty the cabinets and drawers and clean them properly inside and outside. Doors, windows, handles, switchboards, faucets and garden everything should be neat. 

If the tenant is successful in pleasing the landowner at the time of the last examination, then he can get his full bond back.

Wrapping up 

A tenant can perform the bond cleaning by himself, but it’s a difficult and annoying task and also very important too. That is why don’t take a chance,  hire Bond Cleaning Gold Coast for reliable services. Because the only professional people can perform the end of lease cleaning in the best way. So contact Bond Cleaning Gold Coast for quotes and more information.