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Quick Checklist for moving into a new house

Quick Checklist

There are a lot of things to consider moving into a new house. People consider only packing, moving and unpacking of things including shifting in a new house. With staying in the old one we should know what issues can be raised meanwhile.  It’s a good time to think over it, instead of waiting.  Set your do’s and don’ts list. We have made a list to help in moving in a house. 

Do a walkthrough of the new property 

It’s the best time to have a walk-in new house when it is totally empty.  You can check all agreed and required repairs and setup is done or not. Bond cleaning is done by the tenant itself or Bond cleaning services were hired. Because there may be a lack of cleaning, in case the task is performed by the tenant itself. 

Child safety 

Make sure about every safety measure while moving with small kids and pets. Create a kids safe play zone. Keep sharp and dangerous things away from kids.

Appropriate place for appropriate furniture

In an empty house, tenants can easily figure out which place is suitable for a particular piece of furniture.

Be sure about utility

On the moving  day make sure that every daily utility like Gas burner, electricity, Water connections and RO, Internet setup, garbage pickup is ready.

Locate the water connection valve and power box

Water is the most necessary thing for us.  Water connection can be a big issue in a new house . So it’s good to identify water connectivity as well as power boxes to control the electricity connection.

Do a depth cleaning of new house 

Although we get a cleaned house through Bond cleaning company ,  however, tenants do a deep cleaning in the new house. In case if you are not having much time you can just hire a Bond cleaning Gold Coast.

Fixing the repair work

Unless the new house was empty for some time, some repair tasks should be done. Before moving in, a house must fix them all.

Change the Locks 

It’s a little investment for the safety of your house. Before moving into a new house, change all the locks.

Change the Address 

Before moving in the house change address for all the correspondence and for bank references.

Meet Neighbors 

Before moving into a new house you must visit the house 3-4 times. This is the time you can meet your neighbors.