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Get the best pest control service for you! 

You recognize the value of having a capable extermination squad as a company owner. It is critical to protect your business from unwanted pests for the sake of both your employees and clients. Every client has a positive bond with Pest control Ipswich and we’ve had a singular point of interaction for any queries you may have. We now have alternatives for you, from usual treatment to continual maintenance and insect management. Whereas we prefer to be using chemical free solutions whenever possible, a more aggressive infection may necessitate a more potent chemical. We’ll come out and inspect your home and make professional suggestions.

Inspection of Structures and Pests If you’re looking to purchase a new home a pest evaluation is a must. The investigators are fully trained to spot unusual behavior. Thermal imaging is used in our investigations to detect termites that can cause structural damage to a home. Pest control Ipswich also provides timber inspections to evaluate the roofs, sub base and door panels’ structural stability. The termite treatment is risk-free and guaranteed to work. Contact one of our licensed pest inspectors now to learn more.

Pest control Ipswich
Pest control Ipswich

Common Pests 

Ipswich is a lovely city with a diverse range of fauna and flora. Many prevalent insects, unfortunately, prosper in this natural setting. These species could quickly breed in the hot and temperate Ipswich climate, posing a problem for many household homeowners. Pests that are commonly encountered include:

  • Termites (White Ants) can be found in one out of every four Ipswich homes.
  • Cockroaches are difficult to detect because they emerge after dark.
  • Mice and Rats: Dark rats are both familiar and harmful, as they can propagate disease
  • Wasps & Bees
  • Ants are a type of ant (many different species prevalent across Ipswich )
  • Ticks and bedbugs

Controlling Termites 

If left unchecked, termites can cause significant damage to a home. Following a termite audit, we would further evaluate if a colony of termites exists, identify the organisms and suggest a treatment regimen. We use mites baiting and control purposes that are both in-ground and beyond the ground for the rat removal or bee removal. We could even treat any termite outbreak quickly and efficiently using the best goods available in the pest control industry. Never let termites depreciate your home contact us today for a free termite treatment estimate.


Floating row covers, pheromone traps, oil sprays, soggy traps, parasitic nematodes, pesticide soap, as well as Bacillus thuringiensis are examples of organic methodologies. Using mulches, maintaining the garden tidy and using naturally made pesticides are all examples of natural methods. Biological methods include releasing various predators further into the environment, like parasitic wasps, bugs or insects.We also provide Pest control services in Brisbane city, Ipswich, Lutwyche or more areas of Brisbane.

pest control Ipswich