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Myths about the Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning services

Cleaning is such a chore, that is performed by everyone for maintaining the integrity of the property and for keeping it beautiful and germ-free. Over the months, the method of cleaning has totally changed due to new techniques and better tools.

In the last two decades, we have been gaining lots of knowledge and information about cleaning tips and methods on the internet and in books. But we should not trust them blindly, especially when a tenant is using them for exit cleaning in his vacant period. 

For the Bond cleaning services, hiring services is the only better option available in Sydney. They can do a better comprehensive cleaning of your house than DIY. However, A tenant is doing the cleaning by own, some myths are there, a tenant needs to ignore and stop believing. 

  1.  Vinegar is a universal cleaner: Vinegar is a multi-purpose cleaner, yet it is not appropriate for natural stones like granite, sandstone and marble. Vinegar can cause harm to these stones leaving them permanently damaged. So skip the usage of vinegar on Stone surfaces. 
  2. Disinfection and cleanliness are the same: Both terms are different and disinfecting must be done only after cleaning. Cleaning is about removing physical content like dirt and dust while disinfecting is for killing bacteria and germs. 
  3. Vacuuming can damage Carpet: Vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis can remove the accumulated dust and also it’s good for the fiber of the carpet. In addition, to get the full bond money back you can hire professionals bond Cleaners in Sydney for vacuuming the carpet.
  4. Newspaper is the best tool for window cleaning: This was an old classic trick to clean the window with papers. You can use any type of non-matte paper for window cleaning. It’s advised, you can use fibre cloth for cleaning and wiping the windows without any streak.

Wrapping up

Although nowadays people have overdosed with tricks and tips for cleaning. So it becomes more essential to be aware of them. Applying bad hacks can damage your belongings and you may lose your bond money. 

So seeking the services of cleaners is a good decision for Bond Cleaning Sydney. Cleaners are actually trained for this bond cleaning and they use their experience of years and best tools to give the best job. They know each and every hack about the cleaning than a tenant.