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How To Prepare Bathrooms For The Last Inspection (BOND CLEANING )?

Bond cleaning Gold Coast

Bond cleaning is the vast cleaning of a rented mansion that is performed by the tenant at the end of the tenancy duration. We can get our bond back in full after only the landlord is satisfied with the shape of the property. Because of the involvement of bond money, bond cleaning becomes reasonably important to tenants. 

The whole house should be cleaned by nooks and crannies. The tiniest part of the house should be shining, Bond cleaning checklist encompasses Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Dining, living, windows, garden, parking area, carpet cleaning and many more.

In this article, information on how to clean bathrooms will be shared.

The cleanup of bathrooms is a very tough and annoying chore if you are doing it DIY . In this task lots of time, forbearance and hard work are needed.

Because experts from Bond Cleaning Services Companies know which supplies and techniques can give perfect cleaning that’s why we recommend hiring Bond Cleaning Gold Coast for this cause. But in the case of DIY, following some paragraphs can help in bathroom cleaning. 

First, make sure about the cleanliness of the bathrooms, no single strand of hair should be left behind. It’s very much seen, refusals because of bathrooms at inspection time.

Coming on next common challenge to clean soap scums shower and taps. We Bond Cleaning Gold Coast know to remove all the soap residue in shower screens that others can’t. This is the difference between an experienced expert team and a greenhorn. 

Clean all the toilet seats and tiles, glass borders, mirrors and cabinets appropriately. No fleck and lint left in bathroom mirrors and shower room glass. Sinks and taps must look as shiny as new.

General cleanings like skirting boards, switchboards, and doors, vents, handles and fans should be cleaned. Remove all the cobwebs and dust from ceilings. 

Use baking soda, white vinegar, liquid solutions, lemon drops to make shiny new bathrooms. In this covid period, it’s become necessary to sanitise bathrooms and even the whole house as well.

Summing up

The tenant can go DIY but for double security of the bond back money, it is always a better decision to hire trained people. For quality service, you can contact Bond Cleaning Gold Coast and visit our site to know more about us.