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How long does a bond clean take?

Bond cleaning services

Duration for Bond cleaning

Final cleaning of a rented house by a tenant is not a simple and routine task .For some tenants it can be an easy solution to roll up sleeves and perform end of lease cleaning. This time, we are posting a bond cleaning checklist on how long it will take to get the bond cleaning of a house.

Preparation For end of lease cleaning

Start with planning. Some certain Preparation needs to be done to get quick and efficient work. 

Preparation timetable 

Team of two professionals will take 3-4hours to clean one room flat. Minimum 6-7 hours for a 3BHK flat. It can take a whole day to clean a large house. Tenants really get wondered by the time and amount of work included and the little time left with them. For this reason they are recommended to contact Bond cleaning services or they have to lose their reserve money. To do it yourself we always recommend completing the task in a week. 

House should be vacant

It’s a Bond cleaning so it should be done in the proper way with an empty space policy. Furniture and other materials get most damage when moving from the house, not in the tenancy period. It is always advised to vacant the house before bond cleaning. With furniture no one can ensure you with a 100% clean house. 

Right tools and techniques 

Keep all the dusting and cleaning tools and materials handy. Put them together in a room so that these things can be easily found. 






Carpet cleaner 

Toilet cleaner

Bathroom cleaner

Sponge and towels 



Bond cleaning areas


Kitchen requires much time and effort. Oil stains deposited require more energy and time. Cleaning of walls, tiles, cupboards, electrical appliances and wash area need proper cleaning. 


Undoubtedly the bathroom comes in second position in requirement of cleaning. No one should leave bathroom dirty and any dirt residue, toilet stains and hard water stains. Use of warm water and good bathroom cleaner can lead a sparkling clean bathroom. 

Living room

Use General cleaning checklist because the layout of rooms in a flat system building is almost the same. 

Stairs and corridors should be cleaned if the house is several floors.

 Vacuum and mop the floor. 

Clean all the cupboards and drawers 

Washing the windows and doors

Lights and switch boards should be cleaned. 

Carpet should be steamed and cleaned. 

Wall cleaning and cobwebs should be removed. 

Pest control if required 

Balcony, garage, garden and parking space should be in the same shape. Nothing rubbish should be left. 

Bottom line

Bond cleaning requires very much hard work and patience.  It is always advisable to get end of the lease cleaning by expert teams. It will save time and energy. The Bond Cleaning Brisbane always matches the parameters of final cleaning. Bond cleaning services always try to get the tenant’s bond money back in full.