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Bond Cleaning – A Complete Cleaning

Bond cleaning Brisbane

Deep and complete cleaning of an apartment at the end of the lease is called Bond Cleaning. This last cleaning is performed against the bond capital. The mentioning of bond cleaning in the rent agreement makes it must perform cleaning. And also it’s our social duty to return the house in good shape. Bond Cleaning is a very challenging task.

For a renter, it is a stressful job. It snatches lots of time, effort from our daily life. A tenant cannot execute it alone. He has to depend on professionals for some troublesome work like carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning and many more.

It is a challenge for a renter to prepare the house for the last inspection by the landlord and property agent. If the landlord found the property in the original version, then only he is liable to pay back the bond deposit. 

A deep and complete cleanup of the house includes below  tasks. Bond Cleaning requirements are tailored according to the landlord. These requirements must be matched.

  1. Steam Cleaning of Carpets:  Carpets needle to be steam cleaned ,in many cases. You can show  a receipt of steam cleaned service as a proof. 
  1. Walls and Skirting Boards:  Eliminate all spots and stains from walls and skirting boards. 
  1. Oven and all other kitchen gadgets: Oven cleaning takes a lot of time. How dirty it is, depends on the use. Clean the filter and exhaust of the range hood.
  1. Windows and its panels: Remove dust and dirt and cobwebs from the window. Clean the glass properly. 
  1. Floors and tiles: sweep, wash and mop all the floors. Remove all the stains from the grounds. 
  1. Bathroom: Sparkling clean bathroom is possible only because of deep cleaning of taps, showers, bathtub, glass, mirrors, toilet seat and tiles. 
  1. Cabinets, wardrobes, shelves and drawers:  Empty all the cabinets and drawers of the house. Nothing should be left behind. Toss out every unused thing.
  1. Fan and Ceiling: Remove dust from the fan’s blade and ceilings.
  1. Exterior cleaning: Clean all the outside walls, windows, ceilings, lights and fixing properly. 
  1. Trim all the plants, empty the dustbin.

Rolling up

Now u have understood the importance of end of lease cleaning. It is an in-depth cleanup of the house in-depth. You can hire Bond Cleaning Brisbane, Australia for a shiny clean house. Contact us now.